Cooper Environmental’s Xact® 625i is designed for high time resolution multi-metals monitoring of ambient air, with detection limits that rival those of laboratory analysis. The Xact® 625i comes standard with a solid-state meteorological sensor and Cooper Environmental’s proprietary ADAPT analysis package, making the instrument one of the most powerful air pollution source detection offerings in the industry.

The system uses reel-to-reel filter tape sampling and nondestructive energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis. The air is sampled through a low volume (16.7 l/min) particulate matter (PM) size-selective inlet and drawn through a filter tape. The resulting PM deposit is then advanced into the analysis area where the sample is analyzed by EDXRF for selected metals while the next sample is collected.


  • Fence-line monitoring of metals processing facilities, incinerators, metal smelters, battery manufacturing facilities, cement plants, glass factories, and more
  • Source detection of lead, arsenic, nickel, and cadmium as well as other metals
  • Source Apportionment
  • Determination of background concentrations
  • Spatial recognition of pollution sources
  • Temporal recognition of pollution sources
  • Resolve acute, short duration events
  • Risk and emergency management