Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) is a device that measures emission levels continuously. It directly measures the pollutant of concern. It may be described as a group of gas analyzers, gas sampling system, temperature, flow and opacity monitors that are incorporated with a data acquisition system to demonstrate environmental regulatory compliance.

CEMS is disclosed for detecting toxic substances of various types in either stack gas or ambient air. These systems are for monitoring mainly industrial facilities that can operate in harsh environmental conditions. The data gathered from this is used to generate reports and control some aspect of the client’s processes. Subsequently, the system is furnished with the option to use analog and digital inputs for external data.

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Scope of Supply

Instrumentation & Systems Provided in the GCC, Middle East & Africa Region:

Gasmet CMM

Sintrol S300 Series

Fuji Electric ZP Series

MRU SWG200-1

Fuji Electric ZRJ-ZKJ

Gasmet CEM II

Seres EP2000