Electromagnetic Field Monitoring

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is unavoidable in most circumstances as the average human is exposed to it every day. There are potential short term and long-term effects when being exposed to this. Exposure to EMF at high levels can be concerning and it is important to know exposure levels in different locations.

Electromagnetic Field Monitoring is essential in determining if a certain surrounding is not dangerous for a person’s health. It will determine exposure limits that must be followed to protect human health and well-being.

EnviroPak provides both Portable EMF Strength Meter and Continuous EMF Monitoring Station. We offer economical and sustainable measuring equipment that are safe and easy to use in different divisions such as environmental agencies, telecommunication, industry, energy, defense, laboratories, electromedicine, and railway sectors. The devices we supply can be used in specific locations such as schools or hospitals.  It is easy to install and has solar power and wireless communication. It is also resistant to harsh weather conditions making it safe to use during heavy rainfall and high temperatures.

Scope of Supply

Instrumentation & Systems Provided in the Middle East & Africa Region:

  • Continuous Electromagnetic Field Monitoring System
  • Portable EMF Meter

Wavecontrol WaveMon

Wavecontrol SMP2

Wavecontrol MonitEM