Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring is the measurement of radiation fields in the area of a radiation source, measurement of surface pollution, and measurement of airborne radiation. It is used to evaluate radiation contamination of patients, equipment, or the environment.

There are many key benefits in fulfilling radiation monitoring. It can evaluate real time contamination in nuclear sites and the releases of radioactive material into the environment, and most importantly, the analysis of this can protect the public from potential radiation hazards.

EnviroPak is a global supplier in radiation monitoring, nuclear instrumentation solutions and track & trace solutions for industrial use. We provide the most suitable solutions for radiation monitoring, detection and measurement.

EnviroPak supplies environmental monitoring networks and mobile devices continuously monitor artificial and natural radiation levels in air, water and soil, and could provide data transmission to a central supervision station.

These solutions are internationally acclaimed for their autonomy, reliability, and ability to resist harsh environmental conditions.

Scope of Supply

Instrumentation & Systems Provided in the GCC, Middle East & Africa Region:

  • Survey and Contamination : Alpha, Beta, Gama, X, Radon
  • Dosimetry
  • Clearance Monitor

Sarad Radon Scout Plus

Saphymo Spectro Tracer

Saphymo Alphaguard

Saphymo Minitrace