Installation & Commissioning

Environmental Analyzers, Stations & Networks

Installation and Commissioning is critical for achieving specified operational performance, safety and efficiency of the monitoring equipment or station. It provides clients with quality and dependable installation services delivered with minimal disruption for business operations. This is to assure that a system is working as anticipated, and that the system is maximized to its full potential.

It considers the site location, turnkey system, application, serviceability and more importantly the reporting for compliance and continuity of the monitoring system’s operation. It is a process that ensures you meet your institutions’ compliance to standards and responsibility for the community and the environment.

Enviropak with its years of relevant experience, offers risk assessed operations that follow health and safety regulations. We do health inspections for system readiness to allow us to achieve an efficient and fast installation process.

Our onsite installation and commissioning process are fulfilled by our highly trained service engineers. They include final inspections to guarantee a successful installation and commissioning of the different systems.


Scope of Service

Calibration of Environmental Installation & Commissioning services provided all over Pakistan:

    • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (Fixed Shelter, Mobile TrailerCompact Portable StationMobile Van, and others) and fully integrated, connected AAQM Network
    • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
    • Noise Monitoring Network
    • Odor Monitoring Station & Networks
    • Electromagnetic Field Continuous Monitoring Stations & Network