Water Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality Monitoring is an essential practice in environment monitoring, especially with obtaining qualitative information on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a water body.

There are many objectives of a water quality monitoring program. It offers plain monitoring of the environmental state of a water body, the detection of drinking water standard violations, analyzing water quality trends, or the observation of an industrial plant’s contamination of wastewater.

The effects of poor water quality can greatly affect human health, aquatic lives and the entirety of the Eco-system. Early detection of contaminants is of crucial important to minimize the impacts of these events, and to determine the source of pollution.

EnviroPak offers water quality monitoring systems that measures water quality parameters with a fully integrated, easy to use, and economical system. The system we offer has many key features. It is based on UV spectroscopy and offers unparalleled reliability and very low operating costs. It presents the possibility to measure the main pollutants in water (Organic matter, Nitrates, Color, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia and H2S) in one single enclosure.

In addition, EnviroPak has developed innovative sampling systems which do not require heavy filtration equipment.

Scope of Supply

Instrumentation & Systems Provided in the GCC, Middle East & Africa Region:

Drinking Water Application


Environmental Monitoring Application

Process Measurement & Control Technology

Aquaculture Application