Support Services

    Enviro Pak & industrial Solutions offers support services to our valued clients. We are committed to continually innovate and develop our technical knowledge to meet our clients’ each specification. It is one of our duties to fulfill customer satisfaction with our services.

    The support services we offer are based on sets of local and international standards, while following the company’s strict q威而鋼 uality management guidelines. Our company is recognized with a strong view to provide clients with accurate and reliable services for top companies and regulatory institutions in Africa and the Middle East, largely the United Arab Emira威而鋼 tes and other GCC countries.

    Our Service Engineers undergo thorough hands-on training with our partner companies: <犀利士 strong>Aeroqual, Gasmet, Fuji ElectricGraywolf and others; ensuring that the after sales services we deliver are accurate and compliant with manufacturers’ recommendations.


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